Another Role Of FIFA: Helping Youth Practice Soccer

Posted on 03/22/2017 by admin

When I was six years old, I cared about two things only: one thing is to behave great at home so that I can have my fun time outdoors. The other thing is to behave so good at school that I can play soccer after school.

Lee Simpson and Jake Keohane work at Fulham soccer school both. The two are seasoned soccer coaches of youth training with a considerable number of coaching badges of Football Association and Lee also owns a UEFA grade-B coaching badge at the same time.

With ten years of coaching experience, Jake said: ‘it is another method to make kids interested in football. Of course you can let them watch a game such as Chelsea vs Arsenal but it’s easy to lose their interest of games after 5 minutes. Playing FIFA, kids always pay their all attention and minds into the game and do their best to win the game.’

It’s not only about possession of the ball but also running off the ball, position of the goalkeeper and how to get to a advanced position for a header. Kids will pay attention to the special details.

‘Everything we do at Fulham is based on tactical awareness, responsibilities and cognitions of cooperation and positions. Now there is mode in which the game players can operate only one person. And if the game players want to scored more, they must do right in running of the ball and make reasonable free-kicks what requires them considered seriously their position. Though it is just a game, it still needs players learning through thinking what is a new approach for us training students.’

The most important and main thing in our life may not playing soccer but it help us in trifles be brave to have a try, to express ourselves and progress constantly. It must be a good thing, you have to admit it. Some may success with brave expression and confidence which is learned from FIFA and soccer.