FIFA 21 Ratings: Top Center Backs (CB) – Van Dijk, Ramos, Koulibaly

Posted on 09/11/2020 by admin

Each group needs a stage to work from. These protectors are the stones your group can depend on. The FIFA 21 appraisals have been delivered! The bedrock of each group is its inside backs. Who are the best in FIFA 21?

Virgil Van Dijk – 90 OVR

Group: Liverpool

Country: Holland

Obviously Van Dijk is the best place back in FIFA 21. The Liverpool man gets a 90 OVR that accompanies 93 stamping, 93 standing tackle, 92 quality, and 90 bouncing. As it were, he’s a monster.


Sergio Ramos – 89 OVR

Group: Real Madrid

Country: Spain

Sergio Ramos has won everything during his vocation, yet he is as yet an incredible focus back, with 93 hopping, 90 sliding tackle, 88 standing tackle, and 88 interferences. Obviously, he additionally incredible at set-pieces with 92 heading exactness, 92 responses, and 65 wrapping up.


Kalidou Koulibaly – 88 OVR

Group: Napoli

Country: Senegal

The Napoli community back could be setting out toward another group before the exchange window hammers shut, however right now the Italian side gets the advantage of his abilities. He accompanies 77 run speed and a heavenly 94 quality. He’s likewise got 91 stamping, 89 standing tackle, and 87 sliding tackle.


Aymeric Laporte – 87 OVR

Group: Manchester City

Country: France

Man City’s middle back is next up. Laporte comes up short on a little contrasted with the others, yet has a couple of stunts at his disposal.

He has 89 checking, 89 standing tackle, 88 sliding tackle, and 87 captures. He’s additionally got 82 short passing and 80 long passing, permitting him to engage in develop play.


Giorgio Chiellini – 87 OVR

Group: Piemonte Calcio

Country: Italy

Chiellini might be 36 however he is as yet a power at the back. The veteran safeguard has 94 stamping alongside 90 standing tackle, 88 sliding tackle, and 87 quality. His 60 quickening will leave him powerless, however.


Gerard Pique – 86 OVR

Group: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Gerard Pique is next up. The Barcelona man is one more veteran at 33 years of age and is even slower than Chiellini with only 64 run speed and 48 increasing speed. He is as yet a heavenly safeguard, however, with 88 checking, 87 quality, 87 block attempts, and 86 standing tackle.


Mats Hummels – 86 OVR

Group: Borussia Dortmund

Country: Germany

Keep going on our rundown is the German Mats Hummels. With his high-high work rate he is something of an extraordinariness at focus back. Hummels has 90 stamping, 88 standing tackle, and 86 sliding tackle. He’s additionally got 91 interferences and 86 long passing, making him a quality alternative.