FUT 20: Liga NOS TOTSSF Objectives Jeremy Mathieu

Posted on 05/19/2020 by admin

The Frenchman has been a stone at the back for Sporting and you can open him for nothing!

One more day, another TOTS!

Today observed the dispatch of the Liga NOS TOTSSF, with the greatest and best names in the Portuguese top-flight granted some exceptionally fair looking cards!

In the event that you would prefer not to dish out your well-deserved money, the Objectives player may be the one for you, the man being referred to today? Jeremy Mathieu!

The previous Barcelona man is currently carrying out his specialty in Lisbon with Sporting and you can pick his TOTS card up for nothing! Here’s the ticket:


The most effective method to open TOTSSF Mathieu

As usual, there are four assignments that you need to finish so as to open the French place half.

They should be possible on either Squad Battles or Rivals and they are as per the following:

LaLiga Liverpool – Score 2 objectives in 2 separate Squad Battles coordinates on min. World Class trouble (or Rivals) utilizing LaLiga players with min. 80 PHY

Target Reward – One Two Players Pack

Guarded Detail – Assist in 3 separate Squad Battles coordinates on min. World Class trouble (or Rivals) utilizing Defenders

Target Reward – One Gold Pack

Furnishing in Portugal – Assist with a Through Ball in 3 separate Rivals matches utilizing Liga NOS players

Target Reward – One Small Electrum Players Pack

Framed in France – Score a Finesse objective in 4 separate Rivals wins utilizing French players

Target Reward – One Electrum Players Pack


Worth the pound?

This is really a very balanced card. Being a middle half, you’ll in a split second look towards the Frenchman’s protecting and physical, which, at 93 OVR and 91 OVR individually, are really solid. His pace (78 OVR) isn’t the most exceedingly terrible, while his passing and spilling are shockingly acceptable, which means you’ll have the option to happen from the back effortlessly. What’s more, let’s face it, regardless of whether you’re not going to utilize him, his destinations are truly direct and he’ll be an extraordinary card for tossing into an SBC!

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