FUT 20 TOTS: New card plan?

Posted on 04/20/2020 by admin

FUT 20 TOTS (So Far) commences one week from now, and we have seen a brief look at what the cards could resemble.

FUT 20 are driving ahead with their Team Of The Season, even with the significant football classes far and wide being stopped for some time.

One contrast this time is that as opposed to Team of The Season, it’s Team of the Season So Far…

Last season we had 14 TOTS groups for players to get world class beginning cards.

The current year’s TOTS will commence with the Community Team of the Season So Far. Casting a ballot is presently open and we share how you can get included, but on the other hand how about we investigate what the cards may resemble when they show up on Friday, 24 April.

A year ago’s cards had a delightful blue and gold structure.

Together with the little accents and additional items they truly flew in the lineup and were incredible for flaunting.

So what will we get this year?

New TOTS structure?

It would appear that EA have confidence that the residential seasons are a long way from done.

They are likewise going for a for the most part dark theme with sprinkles brilliant green for shading.

There is likewise a trace of gold in there, which should make the cards pop about as much as the details do.