News Flash of La Liga

Posted on 03/21/2017 by admin

1. It has been ended up another focus game as the 28th round of La Liga. Barcelona won with scoring 4 to 2 over Valencia and Barcelona had won the home games in a row of 7 who still scored less than Real Madrid by 2 scores on aggregate. Messi gave a 25-goals lead of the top scorers with scored 100 goals.

After the creation of the ‘Nou Camp Miracle’, Barcelona continued to grab the chance of The Treble. The victory yesterday ensured that their international ranking and are waiting for the April sprint. It’s worth mentioning that Barcelona created a “offbeat record”: they become the first team without sending-off and penalties through the 28 games since 46 years ago.


2. Real Madrid beat Bilbao away with scoring 2-1. Real Madrid had three wins in a row in La Liga and leads with 5 scores on the scoreboard. C Ronaldo assisted twice. Benzema and Casemiro got on the scoresheet even Aduriz nearly made a equaliser for many times. Real Madrid broke Bilbao’s unbeaten records at home court.

3. It was Torres Sanz’s 33 birthday yesterday. Now, Atletico Madrid is going to give him a birthday gift. Atletico Madrid will renew the contract with Torres for a year according to Cadena SER reported! Torres has scored 7 goals for Atletico Madrid with playing 31 games in this season. It’s a success for a player who are not a spine of the team.

4. La Liga officially announced the 32nd round and the 33rd round of the match and it includes the second times of the the national derby games that Real Madrid vs Barcelona. It is reported that the second times of the national derby will be proceed at 20:45 PM local time, on Sunday(April 23rd). The first round was with the 1-1 draw with both sides. Real Madrid will be at home court and this game may directly determine the final title of La liga.