The St.Patrick’s Day And The Green Team

Posted on 03/15/2017 by admin

Don’t think that the St. Patrick’s Day is far from players there are still a good amount of players expect for the St. Patrick’s Day tournament. Most players want to participate in this tournament due to the unusual rewards.

FIFA 17 St Patricks Day is one of the most exciting FUT promotions of the year. The offers will be known widely and a good amount of FUT 17 players will prepare early! You can expect one of the most exciting featured FUT tournaments of the year, new green cards, a variety of Irish themed pack offers and potentially more. Specific players will be more than double in price so that investment early make gamers earn more FIFA 17 coins.

St.Patrick’s Day in FUT 17 will come soon. Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with the release of ‘The Green Team’. Get these unique player items to help complete the Pot of Gold group SBC!
A team of green cards will be released but the green card is not got by SBC. It will be got by opening packs and be bought in market. There will be a event called the Pot of Gold and group SBC will need these green cards.
Besides, the prices of players are all up to 7000. However SBC is not necessarily required Hibernian players that gamers need to consider on themselves.

Whatever the green cards are worthy to be a collection for players.